On this page, you will find a lot of activities and interesting things to do while in Clare and beyond. Some might cost admission, others are completely free of charge.


“The Burren – naturally yours!”


This is the fitting slogan of the Burren Ecotourism Network the members of which have worked very hard for a few years to achieve the high standards needed to be part of the BENetwork. The outcome is very impressive.

The visitors to the area (and locals of course) can choose from an incredibly wide range of activities and attractions: from the Cliffs of Moher visitor experience or different kinds of walks through the amazing Burren limestone landscape, sea kayaking, yoga, caving, photography weekends or relaxing hideaway weekends to a scrumptious afternoon tea in Father Ted’s house – there is something for everybody’s taste and level of activity and fitness.

There is so much to explore in the Burren – you can do it on your own, or have a heightened experience with one of the BEN members who provide a knowledgable and easy access to the secrets of our area.

This is the perfect time to plan your next holidays in the Burren. We recommend to schedule at least a few days for it as it is very easy to lose yourself in this magical landscape. The only difficult thing is to choose what to do first!

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Doolin Cave

Situated just north of Doolin, in Ballinalackan, on the way to Fanore, it is one of the wonders of Ireland. It is home to the longest stalactite (7.3 metres or 23ft!) in the northern hemisphere. It was discovered in 1952 by two geology students who had to painstakingly crawl to the big chamber on their bellies without knowing if there would be an opening big enough to turn and get out of there!

Suitable for all age groups/families.

Note: You must be able to climb down the staircase into the cave and up again.

Opening times: every day between mid February and October.

For more info see Doolin Cave website.